Rebekah Starr


As a teenager, Rebekah picked up the guitar to sing and write music, because of her love for the way music affects people. "I'm awed by how a song can change a mood or capture and memorialize a feeling, and I love to reach and relate with people through writing songs that way."

"My Mom played guitar to us growing up, and her 12-string acoustic dreadnought was the first guitar that I ever picked up to try and play." To this day, for her acoustic sound, Rebekah sticks exclusively to dreadnought Martin guitars, manufactured in her home state Pennsylvania.

"To be perfectly honest, a main reason why I tried so hard to learn the guitar back then was to win the attention of the boy that I loved who played the drums," Even though this was just the fifth grade, Rebekah grew up to marry that boy, Mike Starr.

"Mike is solid like a rock for me, in music and in life." Mike fills in the gaps when the band needs it. He plays East Coast shows whenever Sunny can't make it to them, and he played drums on the Rebekah Starr Band's record "Rockstar Girl."

Rebekah has performed her version of fun kitsch rock songs from Manhattan to Kittanning, PA to the Sunset Strip in L.A., recently becoming prominent on the Pittsburgh music scene. "Me and everyone I play with loves being on stage. We have great time with the music, and it becomes contagious for our audience."

Rebekah's favorites rock guitar sound is a Gibson guitar amplified through a Marshall JCM800. (During her career she's collected a cherry-burst classic Les Paul, a gold top standard Les Paul, and more regularly plays her SG and flying V.) And she will occasionally dabble with her baby blue fender stratocaster for a song or two on stage, if it calls for a more funk execution.

Rebekah's top favorite bands currently are Dolly Parton, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, and Van Halen. (Rebekah musical dislikes are Pink and Beyonce, thinking they are both overrated and getting more credit than they deserve as they get help writing their songs and don't even play instruments.)

Production Notes

This entire film began with a quip by Annika, "Why don't we film our trip along the road and all the people we meet on our way to LA…?" she mused. I thought it was a pretty clever idea. After all, the whole undertaking was more than just a band promotion for us, and we knew it. It was a personal statement of self-assertion…and that may sound silly, but I don't know how else to describe it. For years I had been trying to please everyone, and I finally faced the setback where I JUST DIDN'T CARE anymore…. and in this, was a lesson that maybe other people could relate to as well. The playing field, I realized, really wasn't level after all, and I was going to stop blaming myself and allowing other people to blame me for this. Annika and I both had something to say to this effect. We had an irrepressible desire to upend those who were trying to repress us. Filming a documentary was the intermediary that revealed itself as a means to this end, a platform wherefrom we could reach our like-minded audience.

So what we ended up with was "My Way," a hilarious chronicle of the band's adventures, as we road-tripped all the way from Kittanning, Pennsylvania across America to Los Angeles, California, to make our first music video.

It's important to point out here that the film angers anyone, it was intended to be rebellious. It was intended to upset Aunties and Grannies (especially our own,) and it was intended to make lemonade from the lemons we were handed; to speak truth to power, in its own covert way, and to tell the "YOU CAN'T"-'s that "WE CAN!"

A complementary concept that we came up with was to tell our story through our songs. The soundtrack for the movie is made up in part from the music of our first record "Rockstar Girl!" (And we got a little free help from our friend Chip Z'Nuff using a song from his Johnnie Rotten Jr. side project, as well as compositions written by our composer Diego Tovar and director Vinny Sisson.)

It was curious how the lyrics of the songs as I originally wrote them took on new meanings with the new situations that we encountered. But we think that is attributable to the magical medium that is music! And what better way to make your statement to the world than through music. Thank you everyone for coming along for the ride.

-Rebekah Starr

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